Damayan Membership Application Form

Help us build an organization for and by Filipino migrant workers, to fight labor trafficking and modern-day slavery. Join the movement for workers rights and social justice.

Six Reasons to Join Damayan:

  1. Receive support from a pro bono attorney for labor and immigration cases.
  2. Receive financial assistance, food stamps, health coverage, counseling and family reunification assistance for trafficking survivors.
  3. Win back your unpaid wages and unpaid overtime.
  4. Attend Know Your Rights trainings, Workers Academy, Nanny Training, CPR certification and OSHA safety trainings.
  5. Join a workers' cooperative to get better jobs and higher wages.
  6. Build community with Filipino workers and become a social justice leader!

Membership Requirements:

  1. Sign a Damayan membership form by coming to the Damayan office or to a Damayan event Sign up below to make an appointment to come to the Damayan office.
  2. Pay the minimum membership fee of $50 / year. We also provide Damayan member ID's for an additional $15.

Membership Application